Car accidents in Bulgaria and its capital

Project description

Here you'll find data on the road accidents in Sofia for the past weeks, as well as stats on Bulgaria and its capital since 2004. The data was scraped from the Internal Ministry's website and geotaged with the help of the Bulgarian internet community.

The first part of the data is updated daily and contains numbers on light and serious accident, count and types of people hurt (driver, passanger), reasons for the accident and a list of addresses for the serious ones. The addresses are geotagged through a crowdsourcing tool. Each day when the latest data is scraped, a tweet is sent in my Twitter account inviting people to help. This dataset also includes some data before August 2012, when the project started. There are unfortunately no details on individial accidents though - just daily stats.

The second part of the data has general stats gathered from thousands of scraped documents. They contain the number of accidents and injured in Sofia and Bulgaria for each day since 2004. As the documents for on some of the dates were missing, I interpolated the stats based on end-of-month accident figures.

The dataset is available for download and remix here. You can get it as Excel spreadsheets (CSV), SQL tables and in KML format. You can also find example visualisation here. You can find more on the project in my blog (in Bulgarian).

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Download and use the data

All data is scraped and extracted automatically from an official source, so I can't guarantee it's correctness. The columns in the data are often in Bulgarian. Please contact me (yurukov [at] if you wish to use the data. I'll help you understand the structure and it's limitations.

Graphs and stats

Serious accidents in Sofia by dates | Include all data for 2004-2012
All accidents in Sofia
All injuries in Sofia