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"I trust only God.
All others should bring open data."

I started this project not because I believe in the conspiracy theories about the former State Security (ДС), but because this structure of our government was an important and little known part of our history. I believe that history must be remembered, but always with facts and figures. Unfortunately, the dynamics of political battles, balance of power and the dust of time tend to bend history and how we perceive it.

Despite the regular reports and decisions of the commission dealing with the State Security archives, I noticed that they are hardly read. We don't have a clear overview. That's why I decided to open this data. It contains almost 5000 names with all the data the commission has released. All data is publicly available on their site so no personal rights are broken. I only gathered the information in one place - visible, searchable and analysable.

Soon on this page you will see graphs showing different aspects of the reports. In the links below you can download the cleaned datasets so that you can analyse them yourselves. It's important to point out that most of the data is gathered by automatically parsing Word and PDF files. Despite the hundreds of corrections I've applied, data on individual cases must be verified with the original report. That is why in each entry you'll find the ID of that report.

Download the data freely, remix it, analyse it, make infographics, draw conclusions and show it to everyone.

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Boyan Yurukov | | CC-BY

Number of published reports (blue) and operatives (red) by the commission over time:

Geographic distribution by birthplace of operatives: