Open data for RES energy production in Bulgaria


These charts show all public data for the renewable energy bought by energy distributors in Bulgaria. The original data can be found here and the in cleaned orderly format here. Thanks to Svetla Vasileva for pointing me to this data.
The goal of this visualization is to show us in a more comprehensive way the distribution and types of RES energy production, as well as who is buying it. I've asked for data on convensional power plant production in 2012, so that we compare the rates. If you have access to such data, please contact me at
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Boyan Yurukov
The data can be filtered from all charts. When you select a filter, the address changes in the address bar. Thus if you open it again or share it, the page will be opened in the same state as you left it. Here are some filter examples:

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Produced MWh by RES type
Bought MWh per company
Weekly production in MWh by RES type
Sum of RES capacity in MW brought into the grid each year
Number of RES plants sorted by capacity in MW
Efficiency in % of RES plants sorted by capacity